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We Are Dedicated to Only Referring the Best Nannies in the Area to the Families We Help.

Big Sky Nanny is constantly recruiting and screening qualified applicants to add to our pool of amazing nannies. We receive calls, emails, applications and resumes every day from candidates interested in applying for a nanny position through our agency. We take our time carefully screening each of these candidates to determine if they would make an excellent nanny for your family.


Every candidate must complete an extensive application which we carefully review to determine our basic qualifications are met. If the applicant meets or exceeds our requirements, we will call to schedule an in-person interview.

During the interview, we will ask questions based on the information provided in their application. We will also ask questions to better understand each applicant’s childcare experience, education, job interests, expectations, and preferences. We will discuss their hobbies and interests to get a better understanding of who they are and what type of family they would work well with.

If We Are Impressed by What We Learn During the Interview

We will continue our screening process by conducting phone interviews with every reference the nanny provides on their application. Each applicant is asked to give us childcare, professional, and personal references.

At this point, we will compile a file with all of the information we have gathered from each nanny’s application, resume, personal interview, and reference checks, highlighting what we feel are their strengths and compatibility pluses with your family. We will send you the files of every nanny we think you would be interested in. After review, if you have any questions or would like to schedule an interview with any of the candidates, you can call our office and we will arrange an in-home interview between your family and the nanny candidates you are interested in. If requested, a member of our staff will also be available to sit in on the interview to assist if needed.


Once you have found a candidate you are interested in hiring, you will contact our office. We will then run a thorough background check on the chosen applicant that includes a criminal record search for every county they have lived in, a thorough Driving Record search, Social Security number verification, sexual offender registry search, homeland security database search, and an online presence evaluation. We will send you the results of all checks as soon as we receive them. We will also send our comprehensive Nanny Employment Agreement for you to fill out with your nanny before her/his first day of work.

Kids in Preschool

We are here to offer assistance throughout the screening process and placement terms of your nanny.

If any questions or concerns arise, we are happy to help in any way that we can.

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