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Our Nanny Screening Process

Application And Resume Review -

The first step in finding a nanny job that you will love is to download and fill out our Nanny Application Packet. Applicants must meet our required qualifications and have relevant job history and experience in order to go on to the next step in our screening process. If your resume and application meet our qualifications, we will call you within 48 hours of receiving your application to arrange an interview.


Interview -

We like to meet every nanny we place through Big Sky Nanny in person for a face-to-face interview. Occasionally, we must resort to conducting our interview over the phone or by Skype. During the interview, we will ask questions to better understand your childcare experience, education and job interests, expectations, and preferences. We will also discuss your hobbies and interests to get a better understanding of who you are and what type of family you would work well with. Upon a successful completion of the in-person interview, we now consider you an official candidate of Big Sky Nanny and will move on to reference checks.


Professional Childcare Reference Checks -

We conduct over the phone reference checks from at least three professional childcare employers, which entails a comprehensive list of questions involving job duties, worth ethic, childcare techniques, and disposition. We also contact all employers listed in your employment history for the past 3 years, even if not childcare related.


Personal Reference Check -

We require every candidate to supply us with contact information for at least two personal references who are not related to you and have known you for at least 5 years. We will call each personal reference and ask several detailed questions to better understand your personality, history, and character.


Family Interviews -

We review all of the information we have gathered from your application, resume, interview, and references. We will then compile a file highlighting your strengths and compatibility with the families we have in our system. Your file will then be sent to any family we think you would work well with. We will not include any confidential information about you to the family at this time – your contact information, social security number, etc will not be sent to the families. Each family will review your file and Nanny contact us if they would like to arrange an in-home interview with you. We are here to see you through the entire process. We prep you for each interview and give you a full assessment of the job description and family. We follow up with you after each interview to discuss your feedback.


Background Check And Contract Negotiation -

When a family decides they are interested in hiring you, we help them negotiate a verbal employment offer, which includes a projected schedule, start date, and salary. Once the verbal offer is presented, we will perform a thorough background check that includes a criminal record search for every county you have lived in, a thorough Driving Record search, social trace search, sexual offender registry, and homeland security database search.


Nanny Employment Agreement =

Pending the completion of your background check, we will provide a comprehensive Nanny Employment Agreement for you and the family to review together prior to your first day of employment. This contract covers every aspect of your position from salary and benefits, to childcare & household duties and many other subjects. We are happy to offer any assistance you may need while negotiating your contract.

If you love working with children and meet the minimum requirements to work with our agency

Please call our office with any questions or apply today!

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