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Babysitting FAQ for Families

Why should I become a member of Big Sky Nanny’s Babysitting Program?

We only work with the most experienced and highly qualified babysitters and nannies in the area. We have personally met and interviewed every sitter on our team and pre-screened each one to ensure they will offer superior care to our members. We run thorough background checks and DMV reports on each sitter prior to welcoming them to our team. All of our sitters are currently CPR and First Aid certified and have at least 3 years of childcare experience.


When will I be charged the monthly renewal fee for my membership package?

Your membership will renew on the same day of each month following the month that you enrolled for the membership. (For example, if you purchase your membership on July 14th, it will renew on the 14th of each month following your purchase until you cancel or change your membership package)


How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership any time by logging into your account on our website ( and choosing “Cancel”. You may also contact Big Sky Nanny to request a membership cancellation.


What happens to my remaining requests if I cancel my membership?

You will be able to use any remaining babysitting requests available on your account for the current billing month.


Will Big Sky Nanny ever cancel my membership?

We reserve the right to cancel a membership if our policies are not being followed by a member. Please be sure to review all of our policies and contact Big Sky Nanny with any questions. Examples of reasons a membership may be cancelled include (but are not limited to): failure to pay a babysitter the amount due at the end of her/his shift, complaints made by sitters that make us uncomfortable sending other sitters for future requests, and contacting sitters directly to request babysitting without going through our online request system.


What if I want to upgrade or downgrade my membership package?

You can change your membership package or add one-time requests at any time. If you upgrade or downgrade your membership with requests remaining in your current package, those requests will not roll over to the new package. Your membership will renew at the new package rate the following month on the date you upgraded or downgraded your membership.


If I don’t use all of my available requests, will they roll over to the next month?

No, members are not refunded any unused babysitting requests and will not be able to use remaining requests from a previous month after their monthly renewal date.


As a member, what happens if I cancel a request that has already been accepted by a sitter?

You may cancel your babysitting request within 24 hours of acceptance and receive a refund credit of the membership request as long as the booking date & time are more than 24 hours away. If you cancel a request with less than 24 hours’ notice from the booking date & time, the request will not be credited to your account and you will be required to pay half of the babysitter’s fee.


If I submit a one-time request that is accepted by a babysitter, what happens if I need to cancel it?

If you cancel within 24 hours of the request being accepted by a sitter, you will be refunded the one-time booking fee. If you cancel the request after 24 hours from the time your request is accepted, you will not be refunded your one-time request fee. If you cancel within 24 hours of the booking date and time, you will be responsible for paying the babysitter for half of the requested time and your booking fee will not be refunded.


What hourly rate will I need to pay the babysitter?

The standard hourly rate due to the sitter depends on how many children need care, starting at $13.00/hour and increasing by $2.00/hour for each additional child. Please review the Big Sky Nanny Policies for more information on rates.


Is there an hourly minimum for babysitting requests?

Yes, there is a 3-hour minimum charge per babysitting request. Members may request a babysitter for less than 3 hours but will be required to pay the babysitter for a minimum of 3 hours of care. This 3 hour minimum applies to both members and one-time requests.


What happens if I have more than 6 children needing care?

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children our sitters care for, we would place more than one sitter for a request requiring care for more than 6 children. Please contact Big Sky Nanny directly for babysitting requests requiring the care of more than 6 children.


Can I request a babysitter to come on a holiday?

Yes! Just like any request, we do no guarantee that your request will be accepted, but we will always do our best to fill every request! Our sitters must be paid $4.00 per hour in addition to the standard hourly rate required for the number of children she/he will be caring for. For a list of the holidays that result in the holiday pay rate, please review our Big Sky Nanny policies.


How do I request an overnight babysitter?

Please contact Big Sky Nanny directly to arrange placement of an overnight babysitter. Additional fees will be charged for overnight placements. The sitter must be paid the standard babysitting rate for the hours the child(ren) are awake, plus an additional $50 bonus for staying overnight.


What happens if I need a babysitter with less than 24 hours’ notice?

Requests made with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged a short-notice fee of $10 for members and $15 for non-members. As with all of our requests, we cannot guarantee your request will be accepted but will do our best to fill all requests.


Can I request a babysitter to provide care outside of Missoula?

Yes! Requests for childcare needed outside of Missoula must be made by contacting Big Sky Nanny directly. There will be an additional fee to cover the sitter’s travel expenses depending on the distance from town.


What happens if I don’t need my babysitter for the entire time that I requested?

You are required to pay for the entire time requested or the 3 hour minimum, whichever is greater.


What if I need my babysitter for longer than I requested?

You must pay the sitter for the extra time at the standard hourly rate plus an additional $2/hour for the extended time needed. Please try to be as accurate as possible with times and details when requesting a sitter. If you find yourself needing care longer than expected, give your sitter as much notice as possible. Members that consistently need more time than requested may have their memberships cancelled.


When and how do I pay the babysitter?

You must pay your babysitter at the end of each shift by cash, check, or Venmo payment. Even if you have requested the same sitter for multiple jobs, you must provide payment after each job before the sitter goes home. If you are unsure what you owe, please review the confirmation email or text we send you or contact Big Sky Nanny for more information.


Can I tip my babysitter?

Absolutely – In fact we encourage it! If you feel your babysitter has gone above and beyond your expectations and requests, please feel free to leave a financial tip, give high ratings, or specifically request that sitter for your next request. Please contact Big Sky Nanny directly to request specific sitters.


What happens if my child is sick?

You must notify Big Sky Nanny within 24 hours of the scheduled request. If the babysitter agrees to babysit after being informed of the illness she/he must be paid an additional $4 per hour. If there is no notification and the babysitter shows up to a home where she/he was unaware of an illness, there will be a $25 inconvenience fee due, paid to the babysitter, in addition to the sick child rate if the babysitter agrees to stay and babysit. The babysitter may cancel the booking and leave the job upon arrival if she/he has not been notified of the sick care circumstances.


Can I contact a babysitter directly if I found one I love?

No. All babysitting requests must be made through our online request system or by contacting Big Sky Nanny directly. Contacting one of our sitters to inquire about availability or to request her/him directly will result in termination of your membership and the sitters ability to continue working with BSN. If you have found a babysitter that works great with your family, please contact Big Sky Nanny directly to request a specific sitter. We will reach out to them to see if they are available before sharing your request with our other sitters.

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