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Pet Sitter

Secure the services of our skilled, dependable, and exceptionally qualified pet sitters through our user-friendly online request system! Enroll in a monthly membership or schedule a one-time pet sitting request today!

Overnight Pet Sitting/House-Sitting Fees
single night
2 nights (total)
3 nights (total)
4 nights (total)
5-8 nights(total)
9-12 nights(total)
12-15 nights(total)
Longer than 15 nights(total)

(These fees are for the total overnight services to be paid to Big Sky Nanny at the time of booking)

Overnight Pet Sitting/House-Sitting Rates
House Sitting Only (no pets)
Pet and House Sitting
Med Admin
Extended Stay Rates (Please see Pet Sitting Terms)
per request for holidays (This does not apply to Overnight care)

(These are to be paid directly to the sitter at the time of service)

Additional Rates May Apply

Pet Sitting/Drop-In House-Sitting
15-minute Drop-Ins (This is best for food check, water check and a little play time, one dog and cat)
30-minte Drops-Ins (This is best for more playtime and a little bit of extra attention, can include a short walk around the neighborhood)
60-minute Drop-Ins (This is best for a good walk around the hood, play time, and if you have multiple animals that need care)

Rates (to be paid to sitter)

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