FAQ for Babysitters

Why should I join the Big Sky Nanny Babysitting team?

We understand the effort it takes to be an amazing babysitter and want to help match babysitters that go above and beyond what is expected of them with families needing childcare. We want to make it easy for our sitters to receive, review, and accept babysitting positions directly from their phones or computers. Big Sky Nanny is here to answer questions and offer support anytime you need it!

What if I’m really busy some weeks and can’t accept any positions?

No problem! We understand that life can get crazy sometimes! We make it easy for you to accept jobs when you have extra time but there is never any pressure if you aren’t available. That’s one of the perks of babysitting – you can make it work around any schedule!

What requirements are you looking for in a babysitter?

Our sitters must have at least 3 years of childcare experience with references for us to contact. They must be currently CPR and 1st Aid certified and agree to renew as needed to stay in our program. We require all of our sitters to allow us to run background checks and DMV reports. We are also looking for sitters that have a genuine love for children and will be active and engaged while caring for them.

What qualities are important to have?

Our sitters are professional, reliable, honest, and friendly! We look for sitters that will show up to jobs on time, looking and acting professional, with a positive attitude and ready to have fun! Our sitters will happily go above and beyond what is expected of them to provide the best care possible to the families they work with.

Does Big Sky Nanny take a cut of my pay from a babysitting job?

Absolutely not! You earned every penny – it’s all yours! We encourage families to pay as much as they feel comfortable with because we know our sitters will exceed their expectations. We know babysitting is work and want you to be proud of what you do and compensated for it!

Does Big Sky Nanny offer any perks or incentives?

YES!! We want to show our sitters how much we appreciate them and everything they do! We will offer cash bonuses and incentives for a variety of things to keep the program fun and rewarding. Things like accepting babysitting jobs regularly, getting 5 star ratings and amazing reviews from our families, and referring other sitters and families to our program are some of the things you can do to be rewarded in our program!

Can a family contact me after I babysit for them to ask me to babysit again?

No!! All of our members and people requesting a one-time sitter are notified that they may not contact any of our sitters for any reason after the babysitting request is fulfilled. If a family contacts you directly to ask about your availability or to request you for a future placement, you must tell them to contact Big Sky Nanny to request you. Acceptance of a position without going through our request system will terminate your position as part of our Big Sky Nanny team and will result in the family’s membership being cancelled.